In addition to his career as a professional actor, director, and teacher,
Colin Douglas is also an avid writer. He currently writes for Centerstage, founded in 1995 as Chicago's original online city guide.

Articles by Colin:

Musical of Musicals: the Musical
Reviews: Limited Runs. 06/27/2007.
Trekking to the far west suburbs rewards musical theater-goers.

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman
Reviews: Limited Runs. 06/25/2007.
Family-friendly but less-than-thrilling musical theater history.

The Life
Reviews: Limited Runs. 06/18/2007.
A gritty look at New York's pimp and hooker scene.

The Invention Show
Reviews: Limited Runs. 06/08/2007.
So many facts, so little time.

The Lady from Dubuque
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/25/2007.
A night of questions without answers.

Jerry Springer: The Opera
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/18/2007.
Good (but not clean) fun.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/07/2007.
An old-fashioned musical revival about the importance of family.

Barenaked Lads Take Off Broadway
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/02/2007.
Nude revue suffers from audience identity crisis

Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/01/2007.
A speed-through series of hilarious jabs at Broadway-in-Chicago productions.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 04/23/2007.
A Saturday morning cartoon version of the novel.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 04/12/2007.
Porchlight cruises along with the wheels of a dream.

My Favorite Year
Reviews: Limited Runs. 03/30/2007.
A charming and hilarious Golden Age of Television-era musical.

The Wiz
Reviews: Limited Runs. 03/19/2007.
You'll be clapping and clicking your heels just like Dorothy.

One Fine Day
Reviews: Limited Runs. 03/12/2007.
The cost of teaching valuable lessons.

The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz
Reviews: Limited Runs. 03/07/2007.
This Wizard is wonderful.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 03/02/2007.
Look what's shakin' at the high school hop!

Reviews: Limited Runs. 02/05/2007.
An explosive evening of theater.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 11/29/2006.
Four talented actors add up to one memorable production.

Disposable Nation
Reviews: Open Runs. 11/15/2006.
Comedy that is not by any means throwaway.

War! Now in its 4th Smash Year!
Reviews: Open Runs. 10/16/2006.
Comedy ripped from today's headlines for the benefit of grown-up audiences.

Fat Pig
Reviews: Limited Runs. 10/12/2006.
This Midwest premiere offers a scathing look at our obsession with the body beautiful.

Into the Woods
Reviews: Limited Runs. 09/25/2006.
This familiar piece often masquerades as a brand new show in Marriott's in-the-round version.

State Fair
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/10/2006.
Family values turn into a "Grand Night for Singing" along the midway.

Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/11/2004.
The true story of what happened when 13-year-old Mary Phagan.

The Pajama Game
Reviews: Limited Runs. 05/10/2004.
Harking back to the more innocent 1950s.

Venues Reviewed by Colin:


P.F. Chang's (Northbrook)
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Francesca's North
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Bank Lane Bistro:
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